Materials for our students

These texts in english translation are available to our students (including participants of our intensive courses and seminars)


For beginners:


1. "Yiquan - Yao's method" - by Xie Yongguang.

2. "Zhan zhuang" - collection of Wang Xiangzhai's essays.


For first grade students:


1. "Shi li" - by Yao Chengguang & Xie Yongguang

2. "Essence of martial science" - newspaper interview with Wang Xiangzhai.


For second grade students:


1. "Tui shou" - by Yao Chengguang & Xie Yongguang

2. "Central pivot of the way of fist" - by Wang Xiangzhai


For third grade students:


1. "San shou" - by Yao Zongxun

2. "Right path of yiquan" - by Wang Xiangzhai


For fourth grade students:


1. "Theory of fist art" - by Zhao Daoxin


For fifth grade students:


1. "New chapter of martial science" - Wang Xiangzhai's teachings recorded by Qi Zhidu


For sixth grade students:


1. "Yiquan free fighting methods" - by Wang Xiangzhai


For instructors:


1. "Counters and counters to counters in tui shou" - 1,5 hour video with Yao Chengguang.



To have access to downloading those materials and to the students' forum, you need:


1. Participate in at least one seminar led personally by Andrzej Kalisz.

2. Ask for creating an account for you. You will achieve access to the materials for beginner. After completing each section of the training program and passing exam you will be granted access to more materials.

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