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Yiquan Academy Training Program



First grade:

  • introduction to basic zhan zhuang, shi li, moca bu, fa li, tui shou,

Second grade:

  • next zhan zhuang, shi li and fa li methods, more tui shou, introduction to countering in tui shou, introduction to free pushing hands, pads and bag training,

Third grade:

  • next zhan zhuang, more countering in pushing hands, free pushing hands training, introduction to free fighting, cotton ball training, wooden pole training.

Fourth grade:

  • next zhan zhuang, more tui shou, sitting variant of tui shou, free fighting training, introduction to jianwu dance.

Those who complete fourth grade can receive assistant instructor licence. Junior assistant licence can be granted earlier to those who are recognized martial arts instructors already.


Fifth grade:

  • First section: taking all previous training methods to next level, more demanding mental work, stressing explosive power.
  • Second section: next level of all training methods, stressing subtlety, various swift changes.

Those who complete fifth grade can receive instructor licence.


Sixth grade:

  • First section: further deepening and expanding,
  • Second section: teaching methodology from the perspective of complete system.

Those who complete sixth grade receive certificate of completing the program and can also receive an instructor certificate.

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