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Yiquan Winter Course 2018

Yiquan Academy Winter Course

Warsaw, Poland

20-28 January 2018


For both beginners and those who have been already learning with us.


Beginners will start from the first module of the training program designed by master Yao Chengguang.


Those who already learned some part of the program, will have opportunity to learn next modules and work on improving pushing hands skills.


The schedule:


Saturday 20 January: 10:00-14:30
Sunday 21 January: 10:00-14:30
Monday 22 January: 12:30-17:00
Tuesday 23 January: 13:45-17:00, 18:40-19:55
Wednesday 24 January: 12:30-17:00
Thursday 25 January: 13:45-17:00, 18:40-19:55
Friday 26 January: 12:30-17:00
Saturday 27 January: 9:00-13:30
Sunday 28 January: 10:00-14:30



Yiquan Academy gym, No 1 Wawolnicka street, Warsaw, Poland




100 Euro


Additional info and registrations:

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