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Yiquan is a kind of kung-fu, which is rapidly becoming popular. It particularly stresses the use of awareness and mind activity in training, developing perfect mind and body coordination, revealing the natural human potential. You will find here a fascinating learning process, method of nurturing health and combative training.

Seminar in Lubartow

Yiquan Academy seminar was organized in Lubartow, Poland. This time the focus was on training with wooden staff.


Added on 8 January 2018

Xie Yongguang

Master Yao Chengguang's disciple Xie Yongguang conducted an Yiquan seminar in Rizhao, Shandong province.


Added on 24 December 2017

Seminar in Lubartow

Yiquan Academy seminar was organized in Lubartow, Poland. The main focus was on training with cotton ball and practicing counters to various fa li methods in tui shou.


Added on 30 October 2017


Seminar in Warsaw

Yiquan Academy Seminar was organized in Warsaw, Poland. Focus was on wooden pole training and counters to head attacks and knee attacks in pushing hands.


Added on 23 October 2017

Longer courses

Winter course

20-28 January 2018

Summer courses

22 July - 4 August 2018

Shorter seminars

Seminar in Lubartow

3-4 February 2018

Seminar in Florence

10-11 February 2018

Seminar in Warsaw

14-15 April 2018

Seminar in Florence

5-6 May 2018

Training with master Yao

Zongxun Wuguan, Beijing, China

25 June - 1 July 2018

China 2018
Quoting Wang Xiangzhai

The method of learning basics in martial art is not focusing on one aspect. It is about unified use of mind and form, intention and force. If you watch this way of using force, it is without form.

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