Yiquan and Taijiquan in Calabria

16-21 September 2024

Opportunity of learning:

  • Yiquan – master Yao Chengguang’s method + health oriented Wang Yufang’s method,
  • Traditional Wu style Taijiquan – master Zhai Weichuan’s branch.

The Yiquan training will be arranged individually, depending on your level in Yao’s Yiquan. The Taijiquan classes will focus on learning master Zhai Weichuan’s Wububafa form (Five steps, eight methods) with applications and related tui shou drills.

Learning in a small group, tuition in English.

4 hours of training/day (2 hours Yiquan class in the morning and 2 hour Taijiquan class in afternoon).


  • if paying by number of classes in which you will participate: 30 Euro/class,
  • paying one lump sum for only morning classes or only evening classes: 150 Euro,
  • paying for all classes: 200 Euro.

More information soon.

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