Yiquan in Calabria

Approximate dates (please wait for confirmation):

  • 9-14 September 2024

Opportunity of learning Yiquan – master Yao Chengguang’s method + health oriented Wang Yufang’s method.

Learning in small group or even individually – the courses will happen even if only one student arrives.

4 hours of training/day (2 hours in the morning and 2 in afternoon/evening).


200 Euro for the course up to 6 days – 24 hours of training

It is possible to pay for hours: 50 Euro for one hour, 80 Euro for 2 hours, 100 Euro for 3 hours, 120 Euro for 4 hours, 140 Euro for 5 hours, 160 Euro for 6 hours, 180 Euro for 7 hours, 200 Euro for 8 to 24 hours (2-6 days).

The training will be arranged individually, depending on your level in Yao’s Yiquan. No practice with weapons this time.

More information soon.

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