Yiquan and Tui Shou Winter Course

Malta 1-9 December 2024

The course will accompany an international combat sports tournament organized by UFR Malta.

The language of tuition: English

The main isntructor will be Andrzej Kalisz, 4th generation teacher of Yiquan, the main international reperesentative of Beijing Zongxun Wuguan Yiquan Institute,

The program will cover various training methods of Yiquan, which usually are introduced at various levels of training, the stress will be on tui shou (push hands), including preparation for participating in competitions in Wushu Tui Shou – formula on a small mat, with sweeps and throws allowed. There will be some introduction to Taijiquan and Baguazhang techniques too.

The classes will be held from Monday 2nd December to Sunday 8th December. There should be about 2,5 hour training in the morning and 2,5 hour in the afternoon with exception of 7th December, when there will be competition and free time.

Additionally there will be small classes by Robert Kucza – The Polish Eagle, European and world kick-boxing champion, focusing on combat sports biomechanics, on 2nd and 3rd December.

On Friday 6 December we will focus on the wushu tui shou competition rules.

On Saturday 7 December there will be chance to participate in wushu tui shou competition.

On Sunday there will be some summarizing the learned material, taking into consideration the observation of skills presented by participents during the competition.


  • Accomodation 1-9 December, with breakfasts and dinners, and airport transfer: 360 Euro
  • Competition fee: 79 Euro
  • Training fee: 200 Euro (discount possible for our long term students)

More information soon